Therapeutic Riding in Barcelona

Being carried and supported in the horse’s rocking movement is often all we need to get back on track. During a therapeutic riding session, taking the reins, finding balance in the saddle or setting the right rhythm will start a new dialogue with yourself.

Cantering towards your well-being

Therapeutic riding is aimed at anyone who feels the need to ride a horse for their well-being in order to cope with a particular situation and to be supported wuth emotional, behavioral and/or psychological disorders:

  • burnout
  • anxiety
  • post-traumatic stress
  • fears & phobias
  • behavioral problems
  • panic attacks

On the road to wellness

Each equine therapy session aims to use the horse’s movement and presence to reclaim body and emotions. Leaving home, coming to the stables, hearing the sounds of hooves, smelling your horse, finding yourself in the saddle… each session begins well before the riding part and is already a first step towards a new perspective.

An equine therapy allows you to gain a new outlook both physically and mentally. Once on horseback, it will all be about working on your balance, your emotional management and your connection with your horse. The sounds of hooves and the wind will silence the inner dialogues that are too invasive, to revisit them once on the ground with another posture.

Mind Body Equine

Among all the benefits that therapeutic riding can bring to vulnerable and sensitive riders, we identify the development and evolution:

  • a feeling of calm,
  • the ability to be present,
  • self-esteem,
  • relaxation and letting go,
  • coping skills and tolerance to frustration

When human well-being goes hand in hand
with equine well-being...

Master’s graduate in animal law and horse ethology enthusiast, Antonia is keen to provide you with a moment of respect, connection and communication with the animal through horse-riding sessions.

Working on yourself means being able to speak their language and establish a unique dialogue through your own vocal and body codes, your feelings and your breathing. Many notions of ethology will be shared with you in order to strengthen your collaboration with your horse.

If we were told that by breathing deeply, becoming aware of your body and accepting your emotions, there was someone who would realize and value each effort alongside you, would you be motivated for the adventure? Your equine partner is waiting for you!

Heart Horse Stories

Recent studies by the Heartmath Institute have shown what happens when we are close to horses and why we immediately feel better around horses.

According to researchers, the electromagnetic field projected by a horse’s heart is five times greater than that of a human being (imagine an electromagnetic sphere around the horse) and this can directly influence our own heart rate. Thus, horses transmit to us this state of cardiac coherence where emotional states of calm and joy are all the more accessible.

Furthermore, it has been proven that a coherent heart pattern is a system that can recover easily and adapt very effectively to stressful situations. All this to say, nothing is magical with horses, but very real!

Would you like to offer a therapeutic horse riding session?

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