Life Coaching with Horses in Barcelona

Life Coaching with Horses is like a constellation where the horse represents a key concept of your system. Through his attitude and his contact, you will have explore deeply your theme with straight forward feedback and horse sense solutions.

Cantering to your leadership

Through your interactions with horses, you will gather some unique feedback about your questions. The attitude of the horse will allow you to decide and to act as  leader of your life, that is to say, as someone with knowledge and self-confidence.

Every session will start by a conversation where you will plant your objective. While we are talking, horses will soaked your voice intonations, your body language, your vibes and your cardiac rythm and feel any emotion or tension in your body.

Horse sense solutions

Then, you will be invited to explore your theme in contact with horses through a dynamic, a ground work exercise or a systemic constellation.

After having conversed genuinely with an animal that can’t lie or manipulate you, deciding on an action plan will be the final step. Thanks to the contact with horses, the next actions will be based on a right and realistic representation of the situation.

Getting different perspectives

“Being coached with horses has always been something I have wanted to try as I always thought it must be an incredible experience. I have to say that being coached by Antonia and several horses has been great. beyond that. It helped me take different perspectives on challenges and connect with myself and my emotions. Each coaching session moved me forward much more than I expected. very much Antonia!”

Alix, Coach in Leadership

Building a realistic action plan

“It’s an unforgettable experience that has had a great impact on my life – at a professional and personal level. Antonia, Zayeed and Frida guided me! From my first session, I immediately started putting actions in place and starting my projects. I love the exercises and techniques that Antonia uses professionally and in detail. She helped me consolidate a realistic action plan. I think I also accessed parts of myself. Thank you Antonia for supporting me and giving me so much motivation!”


Jumping obstacles

Through an individual session or a workshop, your coaching session will allow you:

to identify the obstacles – unconscious and conscious dynamics in relation to your objective

to experiment different trails to improve the situation through the equestrian experience

to seed your action plan

Professional reconversion, emotional block, decision making, emotional management, balance to find, conflict resolution… Through my support and your interaction with the horse, each theme that is important for you will be treated with listening, space and value.

Case Studies

Sarah is single and she wants a romantic relationship. When she is being asked which kind of partner she is looking, she answered with a list of requirements. She is invited to represent this ideal man in the arena with the help of cones and circles. Then, she needs to go in this area with a horse called Zayeed but Zayeed stops before getting to the area of the ideal man. It does not want to move anymore. Sarah realises that she has too many requirements. Instead of helping her to filter and to identify the right men for her, her very specific list is not allowing her to give a chance to anyone. Through this experience, she lets her ideal go and leaves with only 2 requirements to start a romantic relationship.

Charles is a manager over 50 years old. He is the head of a familial company. Gerard, his assistant has been working for the family for many years now. On one hand, Charles is unable to say anything to Gerard when he shows up late, when he makes mistakes in his reports and where he shows a lack of engagement in his work. On the other hand, Charles believes that Gerard has a lot of potential and is able to reach his objectives. Some frustration and anger have started to accumulate and Charles found himself scared to hurt Gerard if he expresses his critics. His coaching session is the perfect time to work on his leadership skills with a horse called Foxel. When Charles is using the rope to walk with Foxel, the rope is loose and is touching the floor. Charles does not notice it and walks on the rope. This movement creates a tension in the rope and Foxel is taken by surprise: he almost tripped over Charles. By letting the rope that loose, Charles realizes that he has created some insecurity for Foxel. After that, Charles decides to change his body language: he opens his shoulder and he is holding the rope shorter. Foxel is like hypnotised by him and is following him without any need of force. Through this session, Charles understands that by setting up a clear and safe framework at work, he can let go of his frustration and provide a sense of safety and stability for Gerard. Back at work, he applies this new code through his body language, sets up some rules with Gerard who answers without protestation and with enthusiasm.

Pablo wants to find a fulfilling job. He has been offered a job in Asia. It looks like a beautiful opportunity for his career. However, Pablo has some doubts if he should accept the offer or not. Pablo has represented his situation in the arena: there is a way and 2 directions, one direction is “staying in Barcelona” and the other one is “taking the job in Asia”. When he goes on the direction “taking the job in Asia” with the horse Bandito, Bandito gets extremely nervous and Pablo almost lost control of it. When Pablo goes in direction of “staying in Barcelona”, Bandito gets calm immediately. Through this dynamic, Pablo got to discover the emotional layer (versus rational) of his choice and finds clarity: he has been living in Barcelona for few years, he loves it and he does want to go.  He prefers for another opportunity to come up in Barcelona instead of taking this job in Asia. After the session, he decides to intensify his job search in Barcelona.

Get a gift voucher!

Do you want to give an unusual gift to a person passionate about horses or a loved one who is very interested in personal development and/or animals? It is possible to offer a coaching session with horses! Send us a message, I’ll explain how to make the payment and send you a gift voucher for a coaching session with the horse right away!

A magical and unique experience

“For my 70th birthday, my sister offered me a session with Antonia. I don’t know how she got the idea to offer me this session. It’s a dream come true. A magical and unique experience for me. filled with peace and emotion, I hugged “Rodolí” and cried The horse, what an animal.
noble, his hypnotic gaze, his majesty… I almost can’t find the words, I’m so happy and relaxed. And how could I not send my most sincere thanks to Antonia? It was an immense pleasure, a great professional, she knows how to transmit her great passion for horses. I repeat THANK YOU!”