Coaching with Horses in Barcelona

Coaching with horses is an unique and deep exploration to take the reins of a project, a problem or a theme of by seeking a resolution where you have never been.

Individual session of coaching with horses

  • You have worked a lot on yourself and you are thinking that coaching with horses could complete your personal development journey.
  • You are a health professional or a therapist and you feel the need to discover the support of horses for yourself and for your clients.
  • You had strong bonds with horses and/or animals in the past and you are convinced that once again, they have a role to play in your life.
  • You are in a relationship (child, partner, etc.) where the other person is blocked by the idea of ​​going to see a psychologist and you think that the presence of the horse could allow a dialogue between you 2.
  • You want to become a horse coach yourself but before studying equi-coaching, you feel the need to have your own experience.

Equicoaching for professionals

  • You need to develop the team-spirit in your team.
  • You are responsible for suggesting a very special team-building event.
  • You want to build a healthy corporate culture and embody it.
  • You want to offer a moment of entertainment and disconnection to employees who experience a lot of pressure in their jobs.
  • You want to show management’s involvement in the well-being of your employees through concrete action.
  • You are looking to train your employees in leadership, team spirit, integrity, emotional management and communication.
  • You want to reward your partners who have achieved their objectives.

Would you like to offer a coaching session with horses as a present?

Send us a message, I’ll explain how to make the payment and I’ll send you a gift voucher right away!