This experience is every animal lover’s dream. You will learn how to approach horses with respect, trust and beauty. Gently and organically guided as you interact with the horse, you will discover the art of a silent conversation.

Finding the Space for Silence

By entering the silence of horses from the very beginning, you will become more aware of your presence. Techniques inspired from mindfulness and ethology will allow you to understand your contact with those beautiful animals as well as the connexion they need and the moment to initiate the exchange.

The Connexion Can Start

When the moment has come to connect with the horse, inviting the horse to follow you, to trust you and to see you as a friend will be the next step. Your non-verbal communication combined with some natural horsemanship techniques will allow you to get deep in this unique connexion

You’ve Got Mail!

Through attitude, speed and non-verbal communication, your equine partner will give you an immediate feedback. It will be the time to receive a special message about you and to see yourself through its eyes. You will experience an unique mirror effect.

The Talk

A time for a break in nature, an opportunity to reconnect with yourself or an unforgettable activity, your individual session or your private group session will allow you:

  • to understand the language of horses,
  • to get an unique self-reflection of yourself,
  • and to live a very special connexion with an animal.

Don’t Hold Your Horses & Make the First Step!

From 18 months to 99 years old

Possibility to organise an individual session or a group session

We will make sure to organise an experience that suits your needs and your people 🙂

No word to describe how wonderful it is

“It was such a beautiful and elated experience learning to approach horses with respect, fun and learning about your own energy. Antonia is very thorough with transportation instructions, facilitating the activities she tailor for you after initial correspondence and meeting you in person. All the horses I met have different personalities. There are no words to describe how wonderful it is to have met and spent some time with them. The biggest take-away for me is the amazing feeling that within just a couple of hours, you are guided gently and organically to be more aware of your emotions and presence as you interact with the horse, what your energy is like, how that connects with the horse’s and — with your inner self. Antonia has a wealth of knowledge in psychology, equus coaching and much more. I highly recommend this experience! =)”


“Study Nature, love Nature, stay close to Nature. It will never fail you.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Like A Spa

While more than 50% of the worldwide population live in cities, our nervous and immune systems are extremely sollicited by our active and urban lives and get to be recharged by nature. Each Horse Whipsering Experience is a moment to live like a visit to a spa where nature and horses will look after you and your well-being.

I gained so much from it

“This was one of the coolest and most rewarding experiences I’ve had with horses as well as one of my favorite memories I’ve had on this trip to Europe. Antonia was wonderful. You could see that she is incredibly passionate about her work and has so much respect and love for horses. As for the experience itself: my personal experience with horses has never really been great. I’ve been bucked off a horse, stepped on by a horse from my saddle breaking, fallen off while riding because the horse tripped, been bitten by a horse, and given stubborn horses that just didnt want to be ridden. You’d think I’d never want to try this Airbnb experience with my previous personal experiences, however I’m a bit crazy and still love horses regardless so I figured “why not”. I initially felt timid and a bit afraid due to my past experiences but after watching Antonia interact with the horses, and hanging out with them in the pen, it got much easier. By the end, any ounce of fear I had disappeared. We then we did one-on-one work with a specific horse in a separate area. Antonia taught us how to communicate with the horse and get her to do what we wanted her to do without even touching her. No whipping her, no pulling her, she did whatever she wanted and was completely free to listen or not listen to you if she wanted. It was completely different than anything I have ever experienced with horses and by far the most rewarding. Antonia taught me so much about these beautiful animals and I gained so much from it.”


Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

Admiring a horse that is galloping, noticing a flower in an arbust, looking up to the sky, feeling the wind, smelling the fur of the horse… the Horse Whispering Experience is an invitationto appreciate the imperfect and beautiful nature around us.

Horse Mirror

Exquisitely fine-tuned, the horse is able to feel the most subtle change of cardiac rythm within us and has the gift to understand us perfectly. If you are lacking of dynamism, the horse will feel a presence lacking of energy and will become difficult to move. If you are going some stressful times, it is possible that the horse shows signs of tension and it will allow to realise your need of letting it go… but overall, it is a SURPRISE!

Meeting a horse will be the opportunity to see yourself through the animalśbehaviour, to explore your energy of the moment and to leave feeling new.