Equine Therapy & Hippotherapy in Barcelona

In the context of equine therapy and hippotherapy, the horse acts as a real caregiver. Its benefits are psychological, biomechanical and educational.

1001 riders & a personalized approach for each of them

Our equine therapy and hippotherapy services near Barcelona are aimed at children and young people with special needs (from 18 months to adolescence) and/or presenting:

  • A diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, ASD, HPI, DYS
  • A psychological, physical or sensory disability
  • Psychomotor delay
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Learning difficulties
  • Psychological disorders
  • Speech disorders

Our methodology

At each obstacle…

Each session aims to work on objectives – previously defined:

  • psychomotor skills (fine and global),
  • self-image,
  • self-esteem,
  • self-awareness,
  • language through verbal and non-verbal expression,
  • social interactions,
  • emotional management,
  • and executive functions.

Horse sense solutions

Wheter we are developing horsemanship skills on the ground and riding skills in the saddle, the horse is becoming a real companion for the heart and the body. In a beautiful setting, in the heart of Collserola natural park, each session is a moment to feel, to have fun and to learn.

Getting a leg up with fun

Ludic exercises and fun dynamics connected to the defined objectives are offered to riders to evolve and develop, while making each encounter a moment of pleasure where the nature and the equestrian culture constitue an incredible playground.

Among all the benefits that horses can bring to the most vulnerable riders, we identify the development and the evolution of:

  • calm and security,
  • interpersonal relationships,
  • self-esteem,
  • verbal and/or non-verbal communication skills,
  • attention,
  • balance, flexibility and muscle strengthening,
  • quality of life,
  • relaxation and letting go,
  • adaptation skills and tolerance to frustration,
  • and motor skills.

Finding Antonia for my son has been a true gift!

“Finding Antonia for my son has been a true gift. She has a unique talent for not only understanding children and being able to sense their needs, but also for using the interaction and time spent with horses to further develop the child’s confidence and skills. Their calm nature serves to bring out the best in children and horses and creates the ultimate bond for each. Whether it’s a leisurely walk on a trail, learning to jump, or simply caring for the horse, each activity is imbued with thought and skill, possibly not even noticeable to the student, but meticulously planned by Antonia. Her feedback and ongoing communication are invaluable in knowing exactly what is happening during your lessons. I cannot recommend enough what a special soul Antonia is.”


Horses helped me to understand my feelings and my own self

“What a great experience with Antonia ! We, with 3 friends, spent 2 mornings with her and the pony Ibiza at the pony club of Catalunya. We studied two subjects : self trust and emotional agility. It was very interesting and the time spent with Antonia, her dog Frida and the mare Ibiza was very nice. My passion for horses just grown up even more! I understand that horses can help me to understand my feelings and my own self. Thank you so much Antonia for the time you gave to us!”



Mind Body Equine

In the heart of the Collserola natural park, equine therapy / hippotherapy sessions are holistic experiences where the mind, the body and the spirit are stimulated. To deepen some experience, some techniques such as yoga, mindfulness, NLP (neurolinguistic programming) or land art can be used and complement the horse part.

Always in connection with the horse, activities and resources can be given to be done at home: written expression work, visualization of the pleasant and strong moment of the previous session…

Harvest results

From the first session, an initial assessment of the rider’s abilities will be established. Secondly, pragmatic objectives will be identified. After each session, the therapist writes a report to analyze the session in relation to the defined objectives. Regularly, a study of the therapy effects will be done to make sure that we are moving toward our objectives.

One for all, all for one

If the sessions complement treatments carried out by other professionals, working together to develop synergy between the different treatments is very important to us. This is why contacting and creating a collaboration with these different actors (speech therapist, psychologist, etc.) is part of our services.

A warm welcome to the Barcelona region

Our sessions take place in a riding school where a community of animal and nature enthusiasts awaits you.

Every year, we organize events and shows where we invite all riders to admire our little riders for the great pleasure of all!

Would you like to offer a horse therapy session in Barcelona?

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