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Antonia Eraud, researcher

If I love my job as an equine therapist, I am also very interested in going further in my job and in researching how horses can help people. Here is an article of my investigation about the benefits of equine therapy for kids with ADAD. It is in Spanish (sorry!). For any question, please let me know 🙂

Airbnb Experiences

Introducing Animals on Airbnb Experiences. Catalan horses Ibiza and Foxel can see right through you. They’re experts at reading your body language and emotions. In Barcelona, equine therapist Antonia shows you how to connect with these intuitive animals.

“Airbnb Animals” Is Here, and It’s Awesome

“Take a moment to reflect on your personal history of wildlife tourism, and you’ve probably got some moments Jane Goodall wouldn’t been too pumped about. You know … like posing in front of a pair of jungle cats at the zoo while sucking down some Dippin’ Dots. But with a recent rise in sustainable tourism, we’ve been given more opportunities than ever to appreciate (and sometimes even directly care for) the planet’s creatures. Airbnb, the ever-expanding travel giant that it is, is now getting in on that action; it just announced partnerships with World Animal Protection and The Dodo, for its launch of Animals on Airbnb Experiences. “

Airbnb Animal Experiences Are The Critter-Centric Getaways You’ve Been Waiting For

Airbnb has been rolling out some epic experiences lately, with everything from sleeping in the giant Oscar Mayer Weinermobile to staying in the actual Downton Abbey Castle.

Now the platform is now unveiling a new feature called Airbnb Animal Experiences that’ll allow guests to meet animals and interact with them in ways that are far more ethical than zoos and performances, and much more interactive than just taking selfies of the animals.”

These 10 Animal Experiences On Airbnb Will Totally Melt Your Heart

“…whether it’s on land, in water, or in the sky, there are hundreds of animal adventures inviting you to get in touch with your wild side — or simply to meditate with some goats if that’s more your style. We’ve narrowed it down to the top ten experiences we can’t wait to try, and while there are no tourist traps ahead, we have to warn you: this roundup may contain images causing you to become overwhelmed with cuteness. “

From A Crazy Dream To Reality — How I Achieved My Goals With Four Easy Steps

“My dream is to have a farm in Colombia where you will be able to develop yourself through creative workshops and connections with horses.”

It was the first time I was telling my truth, my real dream in front of people and in front of… myself!”

Read this article about my personal journey here!

People on the Grid

Learn how this academic, multi-talented individual managed to combine all her passions into one job as a therapist who also does coaching with horses…

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