Horse Therapies in Barcelona

Equine therapy, wheter if you are riding or doing ground work is a therapeutic treatment based on the presence of the horse. It is a physical, sensory and emotional work, which aims to complement traditional care and which can traditionnal speech therapy in some cases.

Equine therapy

  • Are you the parent of a child with special needs and/or diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, PIH, DYS or other motor and/or psychological disorder?
  • Do you feel the need to support your child so that she/he can develop self-esteem while relaxing and having a connection with nature?
  • You don’t see your child starting psychotherapy but you are looking to give them the opportunity to have a moment of support, connection and joy in their week?
  • Are you part of an association or foundation and are you looking to offer a treatment that is different from the so-called “classic” care range?
  • Are you a healthcare professional looking for additional care for your patient?

Therapeutic riding

  • Do you suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety or burn-out and do you feel that horses can help you?
  • Starting psychotherapy is not an option for you and you are looking for a therapy that is both gentle and deep?
  • Have you got scared while horse riding and do you want to go back step by step with support both emotionally and technically?
  • Do you have a horse phobia and yet want to overcome your fear to ride a horse?

Would you like to offer an equine therapy session?

It’s entirely possible. Send us a message! Firstly, I will assess whether we can properly meet your expectations and if everything is ok, I will be able to create a gift voucher for the person in question.:-)