Sparkes in the eyes, a waterfall of ideas, breathtaking moment,  a peak of energy, the missing kick, a galoping heart, a flow of emotions, a moutain of inspiration… Your date with the horse is a unique experience, different for each of you. Discover how it was for some of our visitors!

I immediately started to take actions to start my projects

“I had the chance to have 2 sessions with Antonia. It has definitely be an unforgettable experience that had a great impact at a professional and personal level. In the first session, Antonia, Zayeed and Frida guided through my first theme. After this first session, I thought a lot and I got to decide what I wanted from my life. I immediately started to take actions to start my projects. 3 weeks after, I had another session and it has been a very different experience. I discovered what I needed to implement to feel good in my life. I loved the new exercises and techniques that Antonia has used professionally and meticulously to make me build a realistic action plan. I also believed that I have accessed parts of me I did not know. Thank you to Antonia and her team to have supported me and given so much motivation! »


I left realizing how connected we are with animals

“I had never had an experience in personal development with animals. Connecting with my unconscious and conscious was very apparent. Antonia is extremely professional and I realize that this is her niche. I love what she is doing. I felt in touch with nature and someone who is clearly connected to horses. Being in touch with animals was very special. I shall fully recommend the experience and already have as it gave me a clear understanding of my new goals. I left realizing how connected we are with animals as well as humans. I now want an animal in my life.”


Observe yourself through the eyes of the horse

« With all my love for horses and all the previous interaction I have had with them, I have never ever experienced this kind of connection with a horse before. In this activity you can only observe yourself through the eyes of the horse, meaning that the horse will be a mirror for you and your actions. This helped me developed a link between myself and my true core and it helped me to trace the things I have to work on. Collaboration with a horse can help you develop an understanding about your character, you can learn a lot about your social skills, your personal relationships, psychological traumas you have, also it provides you with an insight of your inner strength, talents you have and skills you have to highlight in your personality. This experience showed me that horses are incredibly powerful and intelligent animals, they ‘copy’ your energy and will show you different aspects of your personality. All of this would not be possible without a ‘translator’ – Antonia, who is wonderful woman with such big and loving energy. I can’t imagine anyone else who is more suitable for this than her and I am very thankful that I have been guided through this experience by such creative and wise person. She is a mediator who can create a fundamental link between a horse and a human, she speaks horse language and will translate and interpret their actions on your behalf. Antonia is a horse whisperer who has also gathered huge amount of scientific knowledge about horses and their relations to humans and therefore can provide you with both psychological and technical explanations in the work field. She will provide safe and comfortable environment for you and horses while doing this activity.
I wish to have this experience again and have Antonia as my advisor, it’s an amazing 3-hour interaction with such graceful animals and kind person which will improve your life. I recommend this experience for everyone, even those who are afraid of horses, I guarantee you – you will be well taken care of by trusted person and you will learn a lot about yourself in less than 3 hours. »


Kind, smooth and energetic guidance

“I did a session with Antonia and two beautiful horses. We looked at dynamics around my family and how I could, through working with the horses, change my own patterns. I had never done anything like this before and I was amazed at how well the horses responded, and how much insight I got! It really felt like getting to know myself better. Antonia was guiding me very kindly, smoothly and energetically when needed!! I really enjoyed the session and would recommend it to anyone who is curious and ready to be amazed!!

Thank you again Antonia.”


Beautiful memories for life

« There was nothing about this experience I didn’t enjoy. Over a week later and when l look back at the pictures and video taken. A smile comes to my face and I know I have beautiful memories for life. I have reconnected with horses and I cant thank Antonia enough for providing me with this amazing experience. »


Absolutely groundbreaking

« Antonia Constellation workshop was absolutely groundbreaking for me. It really helped me see through some of the challenges I had. It is such a powerful experience, I recommended it to all my friends. » Floriane

My daughter was very very happy and proud

“Antonia is doing a fabulous work with kids ! My daughter was very very happy and proud of what they’ve done in few hours Antonia is developing a very different way to discover horses, communication and …ourselves ! Thanks a lot Antonia. We will be back soon !”


It made me realize things about myself that I had no idea about…

« Antonia is so sweet and has such a calm voice that when you meet her, you immediately notice leading a horse is definitely not about domination. It’s about something else. Maybe it’s about respect the other person’s (in this case, animal’s) feelings. I’m totally in love with Ibiza, the horse. She is very calm, despite I am not. Haha. Ibiza and Antonia made me realize things about myself that I have no idea about. If you wanna try how sensitive and free spirit a horse is, just go and FEEL IT. Thanks, Antonia and Ibiza. »


After the typical touristy things-all, a REAL treat

« Antonia is vibrant, fun and passionate about her work. Her knowledge about horses, psychology and energy is a true gift! I am so glad she shares it! I learned about horses, myself and the friend I was with! This “experience” with Antonia and the horses was my favorite part of Barcelona. We did all the typical touristy things-all great! But this Was a real treat that I will always remember. It was also so nice to get out of the city and see a different part I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. Antonia also recommended walking in the park after, which we did and we had the best lunch for a great price! I’ve always have been fascinated with horses but this has made me want to seek out working with them even more! Thank you for introducing the non riding side of working with horses and how magical they are. »


Approaching horses with respect and learning about your own energy

« It was such a beautiful and elated experience learning to approach horses with respect, fun and learning about your own energy. Antonia is very thorough with transportation instructions, facilitating the activities she tailor for you after initial correspondence and meeting you in person. All the horses I met have different personalities. There are no words to describe how wonderful it is to have met and spent some time with them. The biggest take-away for me is the amazing feeling that within just a couple of hours, you are guided gently and organically to be more aware of your emotions and presence as you interact with the horse, what your energy is like, how that connects with the horse’s and — with your inner self. Antonia has a wealth of knowledge in psychology, equus coaching and much more. I highly recommend this experience! =) »


A mindfulness experience and a healing process

« I genuinely do not know where to begin with this experience… it was by far the best Airbnb experience I have had and a life changing one. I am a therapist and I was intrigued by the experience when I saw Antonia was a therapist herself. I was unsure what to expect and hoped it would be a fun experience, and it exceeded those expectations. Being around Antonia and the horses was calming, peaceful, healing and extraordinary. It is a mindfulness experience that you get sucked into in a way where you feel safe and secure. The horses immediately hold that space for you and radiate a type of vulnerability that is rarely found. I personally have been going through a healing process, and connecting with Rim took my healing and spiritual process to another level. As a therapist, I recommend this to EVERYONE near and far!! I have found a new love in my life and that is the connection with horses. Thanks to this experience I am now seeking ways of practicing good old fashioned self care with horses in Los Angeles and plan on making a trip back to Barcelona in the future to do this all over again. Thank you so much Antonia for this life changing experience!!!!! »


Insurmountable patterns simply melt away…

« Back home in California, a friend and I had talked about visiting a ranch where you learn about horses to help develop your self-awareness, communication skills, and so forth. But somehow we never did it. So, when I read about Antonia’s Horse Whispering session, I felt very ready and eager to sign up. Plus, I’ve always loved horses but hadn’t spent much time around them. Antonia is very friendly, relaxed, and supportive. I think what she offers is something rather special. Horses are exquisitely fine-tuned beings who read how you present yourself and instantly mirror it back to you. So, you find out right away what you need to work on. And Antonia does an excellent job setting up exercises to build our skills and confidence, tailored to the needs of the person she is working with. Another thing is, who knew such a lovely, countryside stables existed just twenty minutes by train outside the city? That in itself is also a nice change from intensive urban sightseeing in Barcelona. The whole experience is such a treasure. With Antonia’s coaching, what might have seemed like insurmountable patterns of disconnect, or lack of self awareness, simply melt away. It’s just plain fun learning to get a horse to walk, trot, and canter to your voice command (and body language). Note: Best if you have shoes that you don’t mind getting mucked up, though I did well in running shoes, avoiding especially messy spots. »


Tons of fun

«When I came across Antonia’s horse whispering experience, I imagined myself interacting with horses and learning how to control them. Antonia was a great teacher. Not only was she professional about it, she was very passionate and friendly – she taught me how to approach a horse, how to connect with it (practice projecting a dominant and calm body language) and then how to give commands (calling it, directing it, getting it to trott, gallop or stop). As a beginner with no prior experience, it was tons of fun. It kept getting better as the day progressed – we ended off the session with getting my horse to do sort of a dance in circles. It is an unexplainable feeling to see your horse gallop at your command. A unique experience worth every penny. She’s got a nice surprise for you at the end as well. I loved it and highly recommend this experience to anyone. Thank you Antonia! All the best to you and hopefully I’ll be back one day to learn more. »