“To be happy on a horseback, it’s like to be between earth and heaven, at a height that doesn’t exist.” said Jérôme Garcin. Similarly, Antonia Eraud, Equine Therapist & Coach near Barcelona, could add “To be happy on a horseback, it’s believing in him and in yourself.”

From 6 years old

Cantering at the age of 6, Antonia Eraud has always been closed to horses. She has always loved riding more and more and everywhere. While travelling, she likes discovering the equestrian cultures all over the world:  Morocco, Ecuador, Argentina, the United States…There is nothing better for her than finding the key for making a horse follow her, jumping higher and cantering faster and faster. Finding the connexion with the animal, discovering the right flexibility of the body and the mind, aligning breath, heart and mind and letting go with the horse are part of her philosophy.

Once upon a time..

However, her professional path has started far from the barns. After some business and publishing studies, she has worked for 7 years in publishing houses and espcially in children publishing houses. Through her missions in children publishing, she is looking at encouraging kids to learn and to read with joy and curiosity.


2022 FAADA 

Online Training in Humanitarian Education

2021 Les Montessouricettes

Online Montessori Training

2020 Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Master in Animal Law

2019 Akhanda Yoga
200H Yoga Teacher Training

2018 Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Postgraduate in Equine Therapy and Prosocial Communication

2017 PNL Barcelona, Barcelona
NLP Practicioner

2017 Equilibri, Spain
Certificate in Coaching w/ Horses (expert level)

2016 Bristish Association of Art Therapists, London, UK
Certificate in Art Therapy

2012 -2016 Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Certificate of Higher Education in Psychology

2010 Université Paris Ouest, Summer School, Florence, Italie
Intensive Program about Children Publishing and Learning Strategies

2009-2010 Oxford Brookes, Oxford, UK
Master of Arts – Publishing

2003-2008 ESSCA, Angers, France
Master in Business and Communication Studies

 Oxford Psychology

Few years after, her studies in psychology at Oxford Universityand in personal development make her take off for a new professional chapter as a therapist. After that, her training in coaching with horses (expert level) with Equilibri and her master in equine therapy at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona make her change the sofa for the arena. She welcomes adults and kids at connecting the inner and outer nature through equine therapy and coaching sessions.

In Search Of Well-being In Nature

Today, Antonia Eraud facilitates the connexions between people, animals and nature in Barcelona. If she is convinced that happiness is in nature, Antonia Eraud has not let her books and her studies go.

Indeed, she has written and illustrated her first book in collaboration with Apolline Loubradou,  Le guide de la cavalière libérée – The Guide of the Free Rider  where she demonstrates the importance of emotional intelligence in contact with horses.

Constantly in research of supporting better the well-being of humans and animals, she has passed her Yoga Teacher Training (200h) with Akhanda Yoga in 2019 and has embraced new studies in animal law at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and more importantly an investigation about the welfare of therapy animals.

The Horse Emotion Method

The Horse Emotion Method is based on an academic research by Antonia Eraud, published in the Journal of Animal Law – available here!

A monitored and controlled project

Looking for significative results & progress, Antonia Eraud aims at quantifying and measuring results through initial evaluations, regular evaluations and tests, check-up of coaching action plans and exchange & feedback with the professionals in relation w/ the rider.

A holistic approach

Much more than a meeting with a horse, the Horse Emotion Method has the intention to make you take the most of this experience in nature and to connect with your inner nature. The interaction with the horse may be coupled with some of the following techniques:

  • Positive psychology
  • Neuro-linguistic programmation (NLP)
  • Mindfulness
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga & ayurveda medicine
  • Non-violent communication
  • Natural horsemanship

An experience for a social animal

If the Horse Emotion Method offers you a conversation with your inner nature, it is also the opportunity to explore new ways to appreciate the outer nature. Welcome at our stables and barns, you will have the possibility to be part of a fantastic herd! The Horse Emotion has the objective to make you feel part of the place by creating connexions.